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Insurance industry to pay out on COVID-19 business interruption claims

More than 370,000 small businesses in England and Wales could be due a payout on their business interruption insurance after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of payments being made on previously refused claims and policies. A number of insurers have lost an appeal against an earlier ruling, brought in a test case by the…Read More

Understanding the “Rules of Origin”

Businesses exporting to the European Union need to understand how “Rules of Origin” work to benefit from the UK-EU Free Trade Agreement, as many goods and services exported to the EU will remain tariff-free, providing these rules are met. The Rules of Origin establish the country of origin of imported and exported goods and help…Read More

Less than a month until the Self-Assessment deadline

31 January, which marks the deadline for Self-Assessment returns is nearing, meaning individuals should start to complete their tax returns now, as the process may be more time-consuming to some than expected.

The Tax Deductible Expenses You Might Be Unwittingly Missing

All you need to know about Tax Deductible Expenses in the UK In this ‘no-nonsense’ guide, we’ll help you understand what tax deductible expenses are, what kind of expenses are eligible for tax relief and what steps you can take to avail those benefits. Without further ado, let’s delve right into it. TAX DEDUCTIBLE EXPENSES…Read More

10 Benefits of a Cloud Accountant

Owing to the recent change in working conditions, courtesy of the global pandemic, businesses are now faced with a multitude of financial and accounting challenges. After all, it’s become quite difficult to maintain back office functions while not having the ability to work on-premises. Accurate and timely accounting information has become absolutely vital for decision…Read More

Outsourcing Your Small Business Bookkeeping Needs

As a small business owner, there are multiple roles you might have to take up. Bookkeeping and related administrative responsibilities might distract you from operating and scaling up your business. The key point in bookkeeping for a small business is keeping complete, accurate, and up-to-date financial records. Bookkeeping also helps to keep track of the…Read More

Things to Consider While Choosing an Accounting Firm

Enterprises, both large and small, employ professionals to bear the burden of taxation and accounting. The advantage of hiring an accounting firm is that they provide financial advice and help business owners make financial decisions. Accounting companies can provide a lot more than payroll assistance or tax-related assistance. Certification Tax preparation companies hire and train…Read More

Reasons Small Businesses Need Accounting Services

Money-This is how you measure business success. This is also how you pay your bills, pay your employees’ salaries, and keep your business running. Unfortunately, according to a Clutch survey, many small business owners sell themselves short without the necessary accounting resources. Accounting is part of every successful business. Accountants can meet the needs of…Read More

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