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Outsourced Services

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  • Outsourced Accounts Payable

    Outsourced Accounts Payable

    Outsource your Accounts Payable function to us for 2% (or less) of your total payments. We provide an automated accounts payable solution that is cost-efficient, time-saving, and value-adding. Sign up with
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  • Account Preparation

    Accounts Preparation

    Ensuring your accounts are prepared on time and accurately couldn’t be more critical for any business. Meeting your statutory accounts deadline and ensuring that your annual accounts filing is carried
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  • Research & Development Tax Services

    Research & Development Tax Services

    Research and Development tax relief for small and medium-sized enterprises   Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) R&D tax relief allows companies to:   Deduct an extra 130% of their qualifying costs from their yearly
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  • Outsourced Payroll Services

    Outsourced Payroll Services

    Outsource your payroll function to R Johnson and save big without compromising on quality. We will take the hassle of paying employees correctly and on time off you. We will also
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  • Corporation Tax Services

    Corporation Tax Services

    You must pay Corporation Tax on profits from doing business as:   a limited company any foreign company with a UK branch or office a club, co-operative or other unincorporated association, eg, a community
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  • Audit Support

    Audit Support

    Do you know why you need an audit or why you should have one? The main reasons why you will be required by law to have a statutory audit are… You are
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  • Project Accounting

    Project Accounting

    Project accounting monitors the financials of individual projects. It allows project managers to take a closer look at their day-to-day financials, which in turn will enable them to identify areas
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  • Expense management and accounting

    Expense management and accounting

    Expense management as we know it, refers to the systems deployed by a business to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses. These costs include, but are not limited to expenses
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  • Payd Umbrella Solution

    Payd Umbrella Solution

    £80.00 / month
    You probably already know all about the new IR35 changes that are coming our way next April, but have you taken the time to work out what it means for
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