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P85 Help Service

Are you leaving the UK? Have you completed the form P85?

Use form P85 to claim tax relief or a repayment of tax if:

  • you have lived or worked in the UK
  • you are leaving the UK, and you
  • may not be coming back or,
  • are going to work abroad full-time for at least a full tax year.

Do not complete form P85 if:

  • you usually live in the UK and are going abroad for short periods, for example on holiday or a business trip
  • you have completed, or are required to complete a Self Assessment tax return for the tax year that you leave. A tax year is 6 April one year to 5 April the next.

What do you need to fill form p85?

  • Your form(s) P45 Details of employee leaving work if you have one, (your employer or your Job Centre gives you this form when you stop working or when you stop claiming Job Seekers Allowance).
  • It would be best if you referred to the Guidance Note: Statutory Residence Test, particularly for the definitions of the following terms as they are used in the form:
    - Resident
    - Home
  • Full-time work.

If you are due a repayment:

HMRC will either pay it to you or someone else on your behalf also known as a nominee. Or send you a cheque to your address or your nominee at their address. The cheque will be in British pounds and can only be paid into a bank account held in you or your nominee’s name.

To cash your cheque if you’re no longer in the UK, you can:

Post it to your UK bank with a paying-in slip, if you have a UK bank account ask your overseas bank if they can cash the cheque (you may have to pay them a fee if they can)

HMRC will not pay any fees to convert your repayment into another currency, or to transfer it abroad.

What R Johnson can do for you?

We can help collate all the information you need for the form from all you tell us about your circumstances and complete the form as accurately as possible.

We can advise you on whether or not you should fill the form given your tax residence status and previous tax filings

We can be your nominee for the collection of the funds and help transfer it to your foreign bank account at the exchange rate on that day (bank charges may also apply, and we have no control over these)

We can communicate with the HMRC on your behalf and update you on the progress of your application.

We can help you pay HMRC if you have more tax to pay. It is a pass-through service when we pay on your behalf. We will be paying HMRC what you have paid us to pay to them.

Am I likely to be due a repayment?

UK personal allowance is calculated for a year; if you are leaving before the end of a tax year, you may be due a repayment depending on your circumstances.

If you are not due a repayment, you will have to pay what is due to the HMRC.

In any case, you still have to tell HMRC you are leaving the UK to avoid a build-up of fines, penalties, and interests, which could complicate a future return to the UK.


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